Saturday, February 19, 2011

Moving Part 2 : The Road Trip

A week or so ago, we drove from Atlanta, GA to Las Vegas, NV. We took a 14ft UHaul truck and filled it was all our crap... I mean stuff. We then attached John's 2005 Ford Focus to the back of it, complete with two crated irritated cats, and drove 2,000 miles. No pictures, because we were in a hurry.
We drove through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

Here are the things we learned:

1. Cats do not appreciate Cherry flavored Benadryl. We gave up all attempts at sedation after the first escapade. My scratch marks still haven't healed all the way.

2. John thinks Applebee's steak is better than Ruby Tuesday's steak (apparently).

3. There is a nice little hispanic dude in Alabama who returns checkbooks found in parking lots.

4. I like 99 cent Margaritas.

5. When driving cross country it is possible to lose three pairs of sunglasses.

6. When driving a large truck with a car on the back, fishtailing and construction will both count as your cardio for the day.

7. Snowstorms in Oklahoma are nothing like snow storms in Atlanta. They are much much angrier.

8. There is a hotel in Oklahoma with an awning that a UHaul truck won't clear.

9. Uhaul trucks are very resilient when faced with low awnings.

10. Awnings, on the other hand, are not.

11. Even driving through just the top of Texas feels like it takes forever.

12. Tumbleweed exists.

13. Rocks can be pretty in small doeses.

14. Arizona is not a small dose.

15. Opening the back of a truck and having things spill out into a parking lot is not funny after 70 hours of driving. Unless you are John. Then it's hilarious.

16. John can carry everything we own by himself up a flight of stairs because he is that badass.

17. When packing, always label the box that contains the coffee grinder and the wine opener.

18. Before being sad for three days and searching relentlessly for the wine opener, do make sure that the wine you buy actually requires one and isn't a screw top.

19. Real beds are way better than air mattresses. They are even better when both people are in them together.


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