Sunday, January 23, 2011

Moving Day Part 1

Well, today is moving day. In about two hours I'll be at the airport getting ready to fly to Las Vegas. All this week the house looked like it had been robbed, what with the gaps of missing furniture and the random papers and boxes strewn about.
Now all the boxes filled with my stuff and some of Johns are tucked against the walls. Everything is neat and tidy, and I feel better about leaving it all in this state.

I get into Las Vegas at midnight and then it''s four days of watching the show, orientations, HR meetings, buying a car, looking for an apartment, staying in a hotel, taking taxis, and basically running around like a crazy person trying to learn a new job and a new city.

John is training his replacement at work and packing up the rest of the apartment. He'll be in Atlanta for a couple more weeks.

It still doesn't all seem real. I'm wondering when all of this will kick in.

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